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In order to do business in Korea, a clear understanding of the antitrust laws, securities laws, and other laws enacted to protect the public interest is necessary. In particular, the recently enacted laws which permit class action lawsuits significantly affect companies, investors, and government entities.

We identify potential risks that clients could encounter before clients implement their plans. We ensure that we are aware of all future possible developments in the law by following closely the opinions and claims of the government, consumers, investors, and other groups.

Consulting services and representation with respect to the following legal matters are provided to our clients:

Image 01. Regulations regarding corporate combinations such as mergers & acquisitions

02. Regulations regarding unfair business practices such as unfair advertising and gift giving

03. Regulations regarding unfair collaborative activities

04. Filing complaints with respect to or defending against claims submitted to the Fair Trade Commission

05. Issuance and distribution of stocks and bonds and other types of securities

06. Regulations regarding unfair solicitation, discretionary transactions, manipulation of security values, inside trading, and illegal securities transactions

07. Class actions

08. Issues involving the Adhesion Contract Act, Fair Franchise Act, Installment Transaction Act, Door-to-Door Sales Act, Fair Subcontract Transaction Act, and other consumer protection laws

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